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UNIQUENESS of ‘Turmeric 100’


We agree that Turmeric is rated the most successful natural health product available, but we fully disagree that all turmeric is equally effective, some are vastly inferior. That’s why we bring you TUMERIC 100 – 100% Pure, 100% Results! It’s very frustrating to try everything to address your critical health needs - especially trying to stop the pains, terrible inflammation, immune system defects and major blood-based and organ problems - but everything you use, is just not working. End your frustrations NOW! Get the best overall health with the official world first place award winner for natural health with our original Turmeric blend -TUMERIC 100! Referred to as ‘The Queen of Spices’, our Turmeric 100 specifically originates from products cultivated in the pristine, organic soil of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India and similarly ultra-rich precincts, within India. A rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant, Turmeric, also known as curcuma longa, is famous for its multiple antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties and has also been actively useful for a majority of ailments in Ayurvedic medicine (India’s 5,000 year old natural healing system). Additionally it contains a vast amount of nutrients like, Protein, Dietary Fiber, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Potassium, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc which can be positively beneficial to the human body. Turmeric 100 with the authentic Bioperine blend, is also significantly potent because our Bioperine (extract of black pepper) is scientifically tested to increase the bioavailability of turmeric by maximizing turmeric’s absorption within the body.


The Turmeric 100 formula can:


• Possibly terminate, the growth of pre-existing prostate cancer, liver, pancreatic and   cancer cells

• Inhibit tumour cells such as T-cell leukemia, colon carcinomas and breast carcinomas.

• Fiercely fight osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (great relief for joint pains and inflammation) because of its highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

• Combat diabetes by positively affecting insulin levels

• Definitely reduce cholesterol

• Significantly lower the risk of heart disease by improving endothelium

• Supplement weight management

• Minimize the negative effects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Crohn’s and Ulcerative   Colitis Gastric Ulcers, Spinal Cord Injuries

• Stimulate and strengthen the immune system and helps microbial infections, via its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties

• Improve brain function and may lower the risk of brain diseases and injuries   (Ischemia/Reperfusion)

• Definitely aid in the depression fight

• Protect against Alzheimer’s disease

• Delay aging and fight age-related chronic diseases

• Contribute to rapid wound healing due to its antiseptic properties    and much more…


Free of Soy, Gluten, Milk, Eggs, Wheat, GMOs, Peanuts, Sweeteners, Shellfish and Sugar.

Turmeric 100

  • As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules, once or twice daily, with a meal and water or as recommended by a health care professional.

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