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As seen on TV and heard on radio - astounding testimonials of healing and health…


The 12 Most Important Oils Your Body Needs

Now all in one capsule All in one, for the price of one!


1. Hempseed oil – TEN essential amino Acids, high potency omega 3 and 6, strong antioxidants, vitamin E.


2. Flaxseed oil – Splendid for colon, inflammation, joint health, digestion.


3.Grapeseed oil – Great for high blood sugar, age spots, stretch marks, varicose veins, cataract.


4. Pomegranate seed oil – Rare omega 5, vitamin C, vitamin K,  remarkable for prostate, breast tissue, chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction.                 


5. Avocado oil –  Fantastic antioxidant,  lowers cholesterol; fights off cancerous cells, cuts acid levels;  joint pains.


6. Borage oil – Effective for lubrication/inflammation, arthritis, joint pains; skin moisturisation.


7. Olive oil – A wonder for overall health; heart, high blood pressure, stroke, joint, skin.


8. Coconut oil –  Controls appetite, weight; awesome for hair, brain.  


9. Sesame oil – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral; colon, lymphatics health.


10. Lecithin oil – A wonder for cells, heart, circulatory issues, brain/memory, metabolism, liver, cholesterol.


11. Evening primrose oil – Splendid for rheumatoid arthritis, joint lubrication/pains, menopause, PMS, breast health; alcohol addiction.


12. Sunflower seed oil –  Great for respiratory disorders, hormonal imbalances, nerve degeneration.


No need to buy 12 separate bottles anymore.






TT$300.00 Regular Price
TT$250.00Sale Price
  • 1 capsule once or twice daily with meals.

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